Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Information

When/How Can I Register?

  • Sunday, November 10th: Registration to Guarantee a T-shirt ends. If you sign up by this date you are guaranteed a t-shirt. The t-shirt order is submitted to the printer on Monday. We do order extra t-shirts which will be on a first come, first serve basis depending on when you register. If you are able to choose your t-shirt size when you register, that means we have that size available. 

  • Online Registration will end on Thursday, November 28th at 9:00am. However, if you register online on Wednesday (27th) or Thursday (28th) you will not have the option of choosing a t-shirt. You may come to a t-shirt pick up location or to the Registration booth to see if we have any extra t-shirts. Please bring your confirmation email with you. 

  • T-shirt Pickup: Wednesday, November 27th: 
    Sammamish YMCA from 11am-7pm
    Issaquah Food Bank 4pm-8pm 
    We will have registration forms for those who want to come to sign up. We cannot guarantee a t-shirt - you will get one if we have extra by this date. 

  • Thanksgiving Day: Registration Booth will open at 7:30am at the Issaquah Community Center

How much is the registration fee?
Participants 11 yrs and older - $30 (includes a performance t-shirt) 
Kids 10 yrs and younger - $15 (includes a cotton t-shirt, gobble wobble card & prize at the finish line)

*Infants/Toddlers do not need to register if you don't want a t-shirt/prize

How much of my registration goes to the Issaquah Food Bank?

Putting on a safe and fun event require costs. Costs include: t-shirts, website hosting, credit card fees, route equipment (cones, flags, road closure signs), police officers, Honey Buckets, permit fees, etc. No person (including the event organizers)  gets paid. All our time organizing this event is done as volunteers so the Issaquah Food Bank can get as much money as possible. 

Do you need Volunteers?
Yes!!! Even if you don't want to participate in the run but would like to help out, we need volunteers on the day of the race. Please visit the Volunteers page for additional information on how you can sign up.

Race Day Information:

What should I expect on the day of the Turkey Trot?
This event is a casual run, jog or walk (majority of people walk). The distance of the route is a 5K (around 3 miles) - but there is also lots of shortcuts if you don't want to do the entire 5K. There is no personal timing (although we do have a timer clock at the finish line), no bibs or prizes (except for the kids). This event is a way to come together as a community during the holidays to help those in need and have fun. Don't forget your Thanksgiving costumes and accessories!

Where should I park? 
There is plenty of parking! Parking is available in the following locations: Street Parking around the city, former Front Street Market, Boehms Pool, Clark Elementary School, Gibson Ek High School, Issaquah Middle School and Issaquah High School Parking. See Map on Route Page for map. There is also a FREE SHUTTLE from Issaquah Transit Center to Clark Elementary School. Details are on the Route Page. 

Where is the start/finish line located?

The Start/Finish line is on Bush Street between the Issaquah Food Bank and the Issaquah Community Center. 

Do I need to check-in if I requested the "No T-shirt" option when I signed up? 
No. There are no bibs or timing chips. So if you did not request a t-shirt there is no need to check-in. Just show up and have fun!

What time does it start? 
7:30am – T-shirt Pickup & Day of Registration Open at the Issaquah Community Center Patio
9:00am - Race Begins!

Will the roads be closed to traffic? 
Yes, the roads will be closed to traffic. 

Can I bring my child in a stroller?
Yes. Please stay towards the back of the starting line for safety.

Can my child bring a bike?
If your child wishes to ride their bike, please start at the end of the race so you will not be a hazard to walkers/runners/joggers. 

Can I bring my dog? 

Yes, but the following are dog requirements:

  • All dog walkers must be over the age of 18.

  • Dogs must be accompanied by a registered participant.

  • Participants must pick up after their dog.

  • Dogs must have current shots.

  • All participants must agree to Waiver/Release.

  • All dogs must be kept on a maximum 6 foot leash at all times.

  • Female dogs in heat will not be allowed to participate.

  • At the sole discretion of the Event Coordinators, dogs whose behavior is unruly or might prove to be hazardous to participants, other dogs or spectators, will be requested to leave the Issaquah Turkey Trot premises.

  • All dog walkers must comply with site location rules not listed above.

  • **There are no dogs allowed on the Shuttle buses**

Will Bathrooms be available?
Yes -  We will be renting Honey Buckets (Portable Bathrooms) for the event. There will be Portable Bathrooms at the Front Street/Rainier Avenue Intersection. 

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